atizana inspired art haïtien metal


Atizana Inspired! Atizana is the Haitian Creole word for Haitian arts. Although born in Haiti, I didn’t develop a love for the arts until I visited in 1985, and became totally inspired by the entire Haitian art world, therefore it was a no brainer for me to come up with the name Atizana Inspired.

Atizana Inspired is a Haitian arts and crafts company specializing in the most intricate arts the Caribbean country has to offer. Working with a diverse group of artists out of Noailles, Croix des Bouquets, a small town located west of the capital, we offer you a variety of object d’art made completely of recycled metal.

My first trip to Noailles was in 2014.  At which time I met many artists and started my own collection.  Well, my house and backyard could not take any more, so the next move was to start Atizana Inspired.  At that point I was making monthly trips to Haiti to meet with artists, young and older. Some are careered others are apprentices. Although I purchase from many, I discovered two talented young men, whom you will get a chance to meet through this website in the near future.

As for the arts, handcrafted, hand painted, each piece holds its own beauty, and tells a story of Haiti’s rich culture with depictions of nature in various forms, which guarantees a unique look in your home or garden. Our products are made in Haiti by local artists, with whom we work directly. We pride ourselves in using great craftsmanship and quality materials that works with specific designs. Depending on the intricacy of the piece, the appropriate metal is used to make it more appealing and pleasing to the art lover, as each peace exudes a personality of its own. Although we purchase the artists oeuvre d'art, we also have our own designs made as well. Which gives the art lovers the opportunity to have their designs made specifically for them, should they need something more personal and intimate.   

We can be found at many plant, orchid, and arts and crafts shows throughout South Florida. And, of course on this website. Our schedule can be found in the Events page. We will introduce, in the near future, affordable original acrylic on canvas paintings. These painting will be from an upcoming Haitian artist based in Haiti. He specializes in abstracts with a unique sense of colors.   

Stay tuned as many things are coming your way from Atizana Inspired.